The team at URS Capital Partners has more than 70 years of combined real estate and private investment experience. We share a history of impressive experience,a commitment to the highest ethical standards and investment success and high analytical standards employing broad up front diligence.

At URS Capital Partners, execution is our watchword. Founded in 2008, by Christopher Urso, URS Capital Partners is a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring and managing value add multifamily real estate in strategic markets throughout the Southeast and Midwest. We provide our investor partners with above market cash returns, significant upside potential and limited downside.

Our unique ability is identifying and acquiring multifamily assets that have a compelling value add component and can be acquired at an attractive basis relative to competing properties.

We create value in our projects by rapidly executing renovation plans, driving top line revenue and reducing operating expenses to drive NOI growth. The URS team has over a decade of combined real estate and private investment experience, and have completed hundreds of commercial and residential transactions.


Christopher Urso


Christopher Urso is managing partner of URS Capital Partners and since 2007 he has been committed to the company’s growth. He has been responsible for cultivating the firm’s strong relationships via its field partners, private investors and real estate professionals.

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David Woodruff


David Woodruff is a partner of URS Capital Partners.  David is responsible for the asset management of URS’s multifamily portfolio, which includes budgeting, capital improvement programs, construction supervision, liaising with local managers, and daily operations.

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Lisa Urso


Lisa Urso facilitates the CFO role and senior oversight of financial operations of the URS portfolio. Lisa is responsible for working closely with David on maximizing the NOI of each of the firm’s assets on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. She started her professional career on Wall Street at the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

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Josh Eitingon

Director of Acquisitions

Josh Eitingon is an Associate at URS Capital Partners.  His responsibilities are focused around pre purchases analysis, underwriting, and diligence.  Prior to URS, Josh was a founding member of a small investment group, specializing in the purchase and repositioning of garden style apartments located in the Midwest.

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Rebecca Windsor

Director of Capital Development

Rebecca Windsor directs our capital development, often the first to speak to investors. Her passion is the integration of leveraging the technology of our investor portal while developing true relationships with our investors. She is the person you will speak to regarding our new investment opportunities. She also direct multiple marketing platforms at URS Capital Partners. 

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Maria Meyer

Office Manager Director of Investor Relations

Maria is the Director of Investor Relations and Office Manager. She has extensive knowledge of Self-Directed IRA’s and helps our investor partners utilize their retirement accounts to invest in URS Capital Partners investment projects.

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