Our focus is providing our accredited investor network intensely vetted opportunities that deliver above average returns. 

URS Capital Partners differs from other firms: we have an absolute commitment to exceptional relationships with our investors. Beyond our professionalism and complete dedication to our fiduciary responsibility, the interpersonal relationships that naturally develop are the key to our success. Our private investor network looks to our track record with confidence, across sold deals, URS investors have received an annualized return of over 21%. We look to over perform on every deal, and are extremely conservative in our underwriting and remain true to that model.

Our team is dedicated to elevating the customer experience, blending the worlds of technology and personal service to seamlessly create an unparalleled user experience.  Since 2009, URS has grown organically from friends and family that have become repeat investors, to high net worth individuals that we have worked with us to create a legacy plan through multifamily real estate.

We offer accredited investors the ability to create a custom real estate portfolio that is diverse both from a geographic and economic perspective. We don’t shoehorn every investor into every deal; our opportunities are viewed through the lens of your specific risk tolerances, desired yield and geographic areas.

URS success is a result of Chris’ superior understanding of multiple multifamily markets and how to generate amazing profits from his various acquisitions.  Chris has built a dedicated and talented team around him that further guarantees URS’s successes.  I have watched this team from day one get better and better with time.

Leighton H., NY


  • Passive Investment Opportunities
  • Geographic and Asset Diversification
  • A Team With A Proven Track Record
  • Co-Ownership Of Apartment Complexes
  • Economies of Scale – Limiting Your Downside


URS Capital Partners has built its portfolio by providing individual investors access to opportunities and treating every investment with the utmost respect and care. Capital preservation and our fiduciary responsibility is always our number one concern. Across our sold deals we have brought our investors a 21% return.  We pride ourselves on our track record and continued performance.

Prior to closing we have an established capital budget  and operations plan in place to implement upon takeover. We believe that aggressive execution of our business plans are essential to creating value and maximizing each investment’s potential.

Having invested with URS since it’s beginnings, I consider myself quite lucky to have been given that opportunity. With every investment, I feel a comfort level that I am dealing with an honest  organization with great integrity. I admire their professionalism and the amount of research they do, before an investment in a property is finalized. It is my intention, that I will continue investing with URS for many years to come.

Alan S., NY


The first step is to ensure you are registered on our website to receive notifications of new opportunities. Call our office at 631.683.5176 to speak with us and let us understand your investment goals.

We work with individual investors, families, foundations, trusts, and endowments looking to build and protect long-term wealth.

By combining technology, transparency, extensive diligence and unparalleled investor relations in the multifamily space, we aim to bring the personal relationship back into the investment process.

No, real estate investments are not considered a liquid investment. We review your goals with you to make sure that a particular deal suits your particular goals.

An investor interested in any investment should review with their accountant and/or attorney, as with any investment, there are risks including the possible loss of principal.

Each property is acquired through a  Single Purpose Entity, LLC utilizing a combination of investor equity and conventional debt. We actively asset manage our properties to drive results through the ownership period, always with the objectives of minimizing expenses, maximizing cash flow and value.

You will never wonder about the state of your investment, as URS Capital Partners treats communication with investors as paramount.  We pride ourselves on our online investor portal, as well as quarterly live webinars and reports. 


Our deep regional relationships create market knowledge that it would take individuals years to compile. Our focus is on thorough up-front diligence, as well as conservative underwriting. We make sure that we understand every aspect of the deal and the macro and micro market demand drivers prior to presenting a deal to investors.

The investment minimum is $100,000. Investments can be made with personal funds or with Self-Directed IRA retirement account. To learn more about using a self-directed IRA investment vehicle, call us at 631.683.5176

The typical “life” of an investment is 3-10 years from purchase to sale, but we make sure that you will understand the time commitment for each investment you make.

Our team of accountants Wagner & Zwerman prepare an annual K1 that you file with your tax returns.

Our goal is to make the process simple and transparent for our investors, allowing you to quickly review all relevant materials for each project and make a sound decision. Our time from contract to closing is typically 60 to 90 days, and we require funding 30 days prior to closing. After funding your investment, you will have virtual access to updates and live calls throughout the course of the year.